Listah Mustaro by Listah Mustaro

After moving to Toronto several years ago , Listah discovered the self expression and freedom of fashion. Breaking into the industry as a model for local designers, and with a dream to pursue acting , Listah quickly settled into her role in the industry and decided that she would like to pursue her passions as a career. Inspired by her Zimbabwe roots Listah envokes the beauty and tradition of her history to create culturally influenced styles and evening pieces. She is currently enrolled in the MC college fashion program here in Edmonton, It is within her studies that she can expand her skills continue to be inspired and learn to produce and market professional designs.  Listah will present her first collection at AFWE.

The MetroMan Lagos by TTATO

Nothing excites me more than thinking of Lagos, Nigeria, my busy hometown and source of inspiration for the collection. Everything about the style is reminiscent of the city's party atmosphere, whether it is indulging in after-work events during the week, or our famed weddings and parties on the weekend. The clothes idealise for the modern day Lagos man; relaxed, trendy, and sophisticated. White is essential to the Lagos man's wardrobe, and crucial in the manifestation of the Lagos 'big boy' attitude and look. However, this collection, with its mix of western and African influences is for any modern male- white, black, Asian, whatever. Confident men will appreciate the deep V-necks, and sleeveless jackets. Everyman will appreciate the simplicity of the clothes, which can easily be paired with other items in their wardrobe. The embroidery on the tops is subtle and complements the fabric without taking centre stage.  

Garnet By Cynthia Sapara

Garnet is founded by Cynthia Sapara, a Nigerian beauty queen and model in Canada.  She has been working on this idea of creating a brand suitable for all kinds of women; something unique and spot on. She studied sciences but always had the passion for fashion from a little age. She would always sketch mannequins with beautiful dresses on even while in class. When an idea pops into her head, she sketches. She has created hundreds of sketches over the years and then in 2014 decided to create her own collecting line. Garnet features a ready to wear collection and couture dresses, show casing feminine aesthetic, using luxury fabrics and colours to make women feel comfortable while looking stylishly classy. The evening dresses are significantly structured to create a hourglass silhouette look. Cynthia looks fashion, and not just fashion in terms of what is commonly appreciated at a particular time or era but fashion from all eras and cultures. I want my women to look beautiful and unique amongst many. 

Kilele Creations by Dan Muthui

Dan Muthui is from Kenya and came to Canada in 2009 to pursue studies in Politics, History and Economics at the King's University, Edmonton. He had established a successful fashion line in Nairobi. His passion for fashion, love for creativity and the appreciation of 'out of Africa' brand that he observed inspired him to start Kilele Creations in Edmonton.  Dan combines the beauty and the vibrancy of African fabrics to create trendy, stylish and elegant designs that flatter but are also practical. At Kilele Creations, one will find an outfit for any occasion: work, party, an evening out, casual wear, summer wear, beachwear etc.


Afrostyle Fashion By Duplex Sache

Duplex is a fashion lover and part time designer from Cameroon, based in Edmonton canada. For some years now, He have been admiring the african prints and fabrics that have had enormous recognition and success around the world recently. This admiration pushed Him to create Africstyle Fashion. Africstyle Fashion is all about bringing out the best casual African print outfits to the world. We design and work with other designers around the world, particularly those in Africa to come out with the best outfits. Also a way of exposing the young, creative and talented persons back in africa who are the brains behind the beautiful outfits we wear here.  /  780-807-8751

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